Ancient Nemea receives European Cultural Heritage Label

The European Commission has awarded the archaeological site of ancient Nemea with the European Union Heritage Label list, given its important role in shaping the history and culture of Europe, as well as in the construction of the European Union.

According to a press release from the European Commission “the archaeological site of Nemea is emblematic because of the organization of the Nemean Games in antiquity. The site embraces the sporting roots of Europe and the ideals of classic sports as part of the comprehensive education of young people. The first Nemean Panhellenic Games were held in 573 BC on a two-year basis. In mythology, Hercules’ victory over the Nemean lion, often found in ancient Greek art and literature, inextricably connects the hero to the site. The Nemean Archaeological Site is a complex of well-preserved and exposed archaeological remains, iconic due to the Nemean Sports Games.

The European Heritage Label aims to improve the understanding and appreciation of citizens, and in particular young people, of the common and diverse heritage of the European Union while contributing to it.

The European Heritage Label has proven its relevance in strengthening intercultural dialogue and the feeling of belonging to the European Union. Subsequently, this EU action is key to increasing local cultural tourism, sustainable economic benefits and community development across Europe.

The European Heritage Label has been awarded to:

  • Vučedol Cultural Museum and Archaeological Site, Vukovar (Croatia)
  • Archaeological Site of Nemea, Ancient Nemea (Greece)
  • Thracian art in the Eastern Rhodopes: tomb of Aleksandrovo, Haskovo (Bulgaria)
  • Almadén Mining Park, Almadén (Ciudad Real) (Spain)
  • Echternach Saint Willibrord Heritage, City of Echternach (Luxembourg)
  • Historic Center of Turaida, Sigulda (Latvia)
  • Medieval wall painting in Gemer and Malohont areas, Rimavské Brezovo (Slovakia)
  • The Oderbruch, Seelow (Germany)
  • Palace of the European Danube Commission, Galați (Romania)
  • Campus Seminaarinmäki, Jyväskylä (Finland)
  • Ventotene Manifesto, Ventotene (Italy)
  • MigratieMuseumMigration (MMM), Brussels (Belgium)

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