Apartment discussion for the former steel storage unit on the border of North Fremantle and Mosman Park

A former steel storage unit on the border of North Fremantle and Mosman Park is ready for a fresh start.

Property developer Exal Group is proposing to develop a mixed-use commercial and residential development on the 31,100m² site at 140 Stirling Highway, bordering McCabe Street.

The Exal Group said it met with officials from the city of Fremantle and the town of Mosman Park to explore the site’s initial finds.

Camera iconDrone imagery of 1 McCabe Street. Credit: Scott Slawinski

The 31,100m² site had been used by One Steel, a business unit of BHP Billiton, but a City of Fremantle spokesman said parts of the site had been let to other businesses until recently.

“The site is therefore not entirely vacant, but the long-standing substantial use of the site in its entirety by One Steel … for steel storage, minor processing and distribution ended in the early 2000s. , nearly 20 years ago. ,” he said.

The proposal, dubbed One McCabe, is currently in the conceptual planning phase, with traffic and density details yet to be determined.

“We are in the early stages of our engagement with North Fremantle and surrounding communities, and our aim is to create a truly unique community center bespoke to the region,” said Bay Yeo, Managing Director of Exal Group.

“We envision a variety of attractive apartments and townhouses, balanced with open green and recreational spaces, commercial and commercial services and on-demand entertainment.

“Plans for a mixed-use commercial and residential development with sketch maps would significantly add to the attractiveness of the area, with a focus on improving streetscapes and addressing wishlist priorities. of the surrounding community.

“The potential mix could include a retail district with a supplier grocer, dining options and a carefully curated selection of health and wellness services, including daycare, which we know is a priority. for many families in the area.”

Dr Yeo said the team would explore local needs through a process of public engagement, including historical context and artwork.

“An independent community consultation will be launched, starting with an online survey,” he said.

“Creating a community center that is truly locally relevant means that the mix of services and amenities must be informed by the wants and needs of residents and the surrounding community.”

The spokesperson said the city would not comment specifically in the absence of a proposal from Exal Group.

“However, in general terms, the City views this site as a well-located opportunity for redevelopment into uses compatible with the gradual shift from neighboring McCabe Street sites to a predominantly medium-density residential neighborhood that has occurred over the of the last decade. ” he said.

The online survey will be available at onemccabe.com.au until March 14.

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