Colombia: The European Union deploys an electoral observation mission – Colombia

In response to an invitation from the Colombian National Civil Registry Office and the National Electoral Council, the European Union has decided to deploy an EU Election Observation Mission to observe the legislative election and the presidential election scheduled for March 13, 2022 and May 29, 2022 respectively.

Josep Borrell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, has appointed Javi López, Member of the European Parliament, Chief Observer of the Election Observation Mission of the EU of 2022 in Colombia.

High Representative/Vice-President Joseph Borell said: “*The 2022 elections in Colombia will be the second held since the signing of the 2016 peace agreement. They will represent another important milestone since, for the first time, 16 representatives must be elected in special constituencies of transition for peace. These new seats in the House of Representatives can ensure the participation of historically excluded victims in conflict-affected regions. The presence of an election observation mission is another example of our long-standing support to peace and democracy in Colombia.*”

The Chief Observer javi lopez said: “*This will be the first time that the EU has deployed an Election Observation Mission in Colombia* and I am truly honored to have been entrusted with this responsibility to lead this important mission. I hope that our work can contribute to building trust and further strengthening democracy in the country. I look forward to working with all Colombian stakeholders, including state authorities, political parties, candidates, civil society organizations and national and international election observers, with the aim of promoting and defend democratic values.”


The EU Election Observation Mission in Colombia is made up of different groups of observers. The core team of election analysts, based in Bogotá, consists of 10 election experts covering different aspects of the electoral process and has been in the country since January 25, 2022. On February 8, 2022, 34 long-term observers will join the mission and will be deployed in the regions to monitor the political campaign. Subsequently, 40 short-term observers will join the mission around election days, respectively on March 6, 2022 for the legislative elections and May 23, 2022 for the presidential election, to observe the balloting, voting and counting. Other short-term observers recruited from within the EU diplomatic community in Colombia would also reinforce the mission on election days. The EU Election Observation Mission will remain in the country until the completion of the electoral process.

In line with EU election observation methodology, the mission will hold a press conference 48 hours after election day in Bogotá to issue a preliminary statement. Once the entire electoral process is completed, the mission will issue a final report, including a final assessment of the electoral process and recommendations for reforms to improve future elections.

An administrative arrangement defining the commitments and responsibilities of its signatories within the framework of this electoral observation mission has been signed between the EU Delegation in Colombia and the national civil registry office, the national electoral council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia. This document is public and downloadable here.

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