Europe Day 2022: the European Parliament opens its doors to citizens

Photo source: © Antonello Nusca / epa-efe

The European Union invites the citizens of its Member States and beyond to take part in the celebrations of Europe Day 2022.

From May 7 to 15, EU institutions, including the European Parliament, will open their doors – physically and from a distance – visitors who want to know more about how the EU works.

As part of Europe Day, the May 9, EU institutions will organize a wide range of online and on-site activities at their premises, in EU Member States and around the world.

The European Parliament will also participate with its buildings in Brussels (7 May), Luxembourg (9 May) and Strasbourg (15 May) welcoming citizens.

Photo source: @European Parliament

Participants will also be invited to join the debate on the results of the Conference on the future of Europe. The official closing ceremony of the conference, with the participation of the Presidents of the Parliament, the Council and the Commission, will take place in Strasbourg, seat of the European Parliament, on 9 May.

The detailed program of activities organized by the European Parliament for Europe Day 2022 is available here.

Europe Day is celebrated on or around May 9 each year to commemorate a speech by French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman on May 9, 1950, which led to the creation of the European Coal and Energy Community. steel the following year and became the forerunner of the European Union. of today.

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