European industrial air pollution costs hundreds of billions of dollars: report


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According to the European Environment Agency (EEA), air pollution by European industry causes damage to health and the environment estimated at 430 billion euros ($ 500 billion) per year .

In 2017, industrial air pollution cost society 277 to 433 billion euros, according to a new report from the authorities.

“This represents around 2-3% of the EU’s GDP, higher than the total economic output of many individual member states for the year,” the EEA said in a statement.

European industry has made “significant progress” in reducing its impact on the environment and climate, but “the social costs or” externalities “caused by air pollution in this sector remain high”. ..

The effects of pollution include disease and premature death, ecosystems, habitats and crop degradation. All of these are shown in the report with estimated amounts.

Of more than 11,000 sites reporting pollutant emissions, 211 represent half the total cost, according to the report. These are mainly located in Germany, UK, Poland, Spain and Italy.

According to EU agencies, air pollution from thermal power plants (mainly coal-fired) is the most dangerous for health and the environment, followed by emissions from heavy industry, production and fuel processing.

Then come light industry, waste management, animal husbandry and wastewater treatment.

According to the survey, of the 30 most polluted installations on the continent, 24 are thermal power stations, of which 15 are in Western Europe and 7 in Germany.

The most polluted factories are in Poland, but the next four are in Germany.

Despite minor improvements, “air pollution remains a major health risk for Europeans,” officials warned last week. This is because the levels of particulate matter, ozone and nitrogen oxides often exceed air quality standards.

Coal-fired power stations are the first polluters in Europe

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