Give your opinion on Woden’s new city center

The ACT government calls on the community to participate in the new Woden CIT district and the public transport interchange, which will create new public places and green spaces to animate downtown Woden.

“Our goal is to provide a modern, vibrant and well-connected space, so we want to hear from locals on how you will use and access this new neighborhood,” said Chris Steel, ACT Minister of Transport and City Services.

“We’re consulting on features like active travel, orientation, safety and what you want to see included in a revitalized downtown Woden. This community contribution will directly feed into the next stage of the design work, following the appointment of a construction partner in early 2022. ”

To express yourself in the public places and green spaces of the CIT Campus – Woden, go to:

Indicative design – Plan of the CIT Campus. Image: Government ACT.

The new CIT campus will accommodate approximately 6,500 students and approximately 10,000 commuters are expected to use the new public transport interchange each day.

A pedestrian boulevard will connect the interchange, via the CIT campus, to Westfield Shopping Center and Woden Town Square, in a shared area connecting Bowes and Bradley streets. This new pedestrian axis would replace the current road of the old interchange.

“The CIT Campus Woden project will provide Woden with state-of-the-art learning facilities, a safer and light-rail-ready public transport interchange, improved active transport links and vibrant public spaces,” said Mr. Steel. .

“This new neighborhood will be a place that welcomes students, commuters and residents of Woden – whether to study, use public transport, access local businesses and services co-located with the campus, or meet in new public places and green spaces.

“It will revitalize the east side of downtown Woden, while better connecting it to the popular green spaces of Eddison Park and beyond. “

Based on feedback, three secure bicycle enclosures and public toilets are planned, in addition to campus facilities for students and staff.

It is proposed that one of the bicycle enclosures and public washrooms be located in a new park between Grand Central Towers, CIT Woden and the new Woden Transport Interchange.

“We want to hear from the community on how they would like to use this new green space and what facilities could be included, in addition to public restrooms and secure parking for bicycles,” Mr. Steel said.

The government is also seeking comments on the boulevard. This new pedestrian axis would replace the current road of the old interchange.

“This is an important new pedestrian connection in Woden, and we want ideas from the community on what would make it a welcoming place to live and pass,” said Mr. Steel.

Indicative Design – Pedestrian Boulevard from Bowes and Bradley Connection, towards Callam Street. Image: Government ACT.

Mr. Steel also published the “What we heard” report on consultations undertaken between July and September on the proposed shared local access area between Bowes and Bradley streets.

“Shade, shelter, seating, active travel, landscaping and communal atmosphere matter most in this pedestrian-oriented area. These comments will also help inform the overall design of the precinct’s public spaces and green spaces, ”said Mr. Steel.

The first key works of these important projects are already underway, and road improvements as well as new stopovers and bus facilities will be completed in 2022. Construction of the new interchange will begin soon.

“We have a busy construction period ahead of us as we work to rejuvenate this part of downtown Woden,” said Mr. Steel. “I would like to thank the Woden community and businesses in advance for their commitment to the design of this project and their patience as we continue to make it happen. “

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