Great Northern Grain Elevator Damaged by Windstorm Buffalo | Local news

Any changes to the property must be submitted to the Buffalo Preservation Board, with the exception of an emergency demolition, which may be ordered by the city’s inspection and permitting department.

It is up to that department to remain vigilant on inspections and citations and then on the court process, but with the office shutting down until Monday, it was not possible to find out what the inspection record was.

“ADM purchased the resort with full knowledge and eyes wide open that it was an iconic landmark in the city of Buffalo,” said Tim Tielman, Executive Director of the Campaign for the Greater Buffalo. “They are aware of the rarity of the building and therefore that when it was built it was an American engineering marvel.

The City of Buffalo shared a video of the damage caused by the windstorm on Saturday, December 11, 2021. In the clip, Department of Public Works Deputy Commissioner Andy Rabb talks about cleaning up a fallen tree. overturned on two houses on Lakeview Avenue in Buffle. Main photo taken by Mark Mulville / Buffalo News.

“They have a civic responsibility and they have to fix the building,” Tielman said.

Tielman, who edited the 1990 book “Buffalo’s Waterfront: A Guide” which highlighted grain elevators and wrote the historical app when the Great Northern was spotted locally, said the brick wall was a protective coating against the elements, and the damage it sustains does not. t threaten the structural integrity of the building.

“The brick doesn’t structurally support the elevator,” Tielman said. “The steel bins support themselves, and they and the frame are structurally independent, so the elevator itself is not at risk of collapsing.”

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