JM Varga says European Commission wants Hungary to let migrants in

The decision of the European Court of Justice and the European Commission on the “Stop Soros” package of laws aims to get Hungary to let migrants in, but their efforts have failed because “the fortress of Hungary is still standing”, he said. Hungarian Minister of Justice told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Tuesday’s Court of Justice ruling that Hungary’s criminalization of helping people seeking asylum violates EU law is “utterly baffling,” Judit Varga said in a statement. interview published in the Saturday issue of the newspaper.

“They are attacking the law which aims to protect Europe from illegal migration and illegal support for migration”, she said,

While the EU’s migration system is dysfunctional, Hungary had a ‘smoothly functioning legal framework’, involving transit zones open to safe third countries and closed to the Schengen area and ‘thus helping to curb migration. illegal migration to Europe as a whole, ”Varga said.

With transit zones to be closed, all rejected asylum seekers who could not be returned to their homes remained in Hungary, a situation which “goes against the principle of sovereignty set out in the Basic Law”, she declared.

“However, we don’t let migrants in; The fortress of Hungary is still standing ”, declared the Minister.

Referring to the situation along the Polish-Lithuanian border with Belarus, Varga welcomed statements by European politicians “who once opposed the idea of ​​fences but now support it”.

She called it “irrational and morally dubious” that Hungary is threatened with fines and infringement proceedings for what other countries are allowed to do.

Varga insisted that Hungary be reimbursed for the construction of a fence along its southern border, a project worth 1.6 billion euros. “Only 1% of this amount has been refunded to date,” she said.

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Government decision at the ECJ: we will prevent Hungary from becoming an “immigrant country”

Government decision at the ECJ: we will prevent Hungary from becoming an

Justice Minister Varga said the European Court wanted Hungary to support human trafficking, but Orbán’s government “will stand up for Europe whether the Brussels bubble likes it or not”.

Infringement procedures, added the minister, should be suspended until the EU “has a viable solution to manage migration”.

The Hungarian principle that the decision to allow a person to enter the EU must be taken outside the borders of the community is now shared by other member states, she said.

In response to a question, Varga said EU law should only take precedence over national law in areas that fall under EU competence.

EU treaties have made it clear which areas fall within the EU’s remit and which are national, she said.

Photo illustrated by Márton Mónus / MTI

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