Marvel Turns Three and Expands Biomethane Services to Canada and Europe

Marvel Turns Three and Expands Biomethane Services to Canada and Europe | Bioenergy Insight Magazine

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Marvel Power Group (Marvel), a woman-owned clean energy consulting company, celebrates its 3rd anniversary by expanding its brokerage services in Canada and Europe. In addition to covering new geographies, Marvel will also begin structuring deals for CO2, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Carbon Offsets, and Hydrogen.

In Q1 2022, Marvel entered into its first forward agreement with a Canadian counterparty, successfully structuring a 10-year project drawdown for carbon-negative green gas. Currently, Marvel has a large pipeline of applications from parties seeking Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) for U.S. transportation, science goal achievement, Canadian clean fuels, and European international and sustainability programs. carbon certification (ISCC).

The RNG market has seen explosive growth, over 250% year-over-year, with no signs of slowing down. In addition to stable demand from road transport, gas utilities and governments, climate-conscious companies are purchasing RNG to meet their environmental commitments and energy security concerns. Low- or low-carbon RNG offers an existing alternative to fossil gas without operational disruption or costly investment in new technologies. Energy independence, long-term price stability and cybersecurity considerations have provided additional tailwinds to an already booming market.

Katherine Ryzhaya, CEO of Marvel, said, “As a leading high-volume RNG advisor and broker, we are beyond excited to celebrate our anniversary with a global expansion.

We have worked hard to earn the trust of our customers through unparalleled knowledge, market reach and commitment to service. As the largest volume broker for the utility and enterprise sectors, we have had the pleasure of opening up new markets and presenting new monetization opportunities to our hardworking RNG producers. Our success is entirely due to our world-class customers and partners.

To date, Marvel has placed nearly 100 million decatherms of biomethane in long-term purchase contracts.

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