Reduce the environmental impacts of buildings, says FG to architects


The Ministry of Mines and Steel Development called on the architectural community to be more active in the global climate change agenda and to minimize the negative impacts of buildings.

Minister Lekan Adegbite made the call at the Building Information Modeling Workshop organized by the Association of Consulting Architects of Nigeria.

He said: “For those of us involved in the design of buildings and cities, there is a deep responsibility in being aware of this impact. With buildings consuming 36% of the world’s energy and cement accounting for 8% of global emissions, the architectural community should be more active in the global agenda to fight climate change and mitigate it.

“One of the main mitigation solutions that we need to promote is green architecture. This is an evolutionary method to minimize the negative effects of built structures on their surrounding environment. It is a philosophy that is inspired by the environment to create low impact, adaptable and healthy spaces.

According to the minister, green architecture essentially minimizes the adverse effects of construction projects on human health and the environment.

“The ‘green’ architect or designer tries to protect the air, water and land by choosing building materials and building practices that are respectful of the environment. It means making buildings carbon neutral, ”Adegbite said.

ARCON President Gabriel Ajayi said: “To survive the era of COVID-19, our economy requires rapid adoption of tools and technologies, diversification of products and / or services and channels of fast delivery.

“Building information modeling allows us, as architects, to collaborate well and adequately with colleagues in the related profession to provide solutions to the challenges of our industry. ”

According to him, ARCON, as a regulator, ensures the implementation of policies that will improve the quality of the architectural services provided and create the enabling environments for us to play their role in society.

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