Renew Europe Group calls on the EU to grant Moldova EU candidate status on the basis of merit

Renew Europe, the pro-European and centrist political group in the European Parliament, has welcomed Moldova’s submission of the EU membership application, which they say reaffirms the country’s commitment to European values. EU.

In addition, the group called on the EU to grant Moldova EU candidate status on the basis of merit, as stipulated in the Treaty on European Union, reports

“In the annual progress report, we condemn as inadmissible Russia’s militarization of its gas exports in order to exert political pressure on Chisinau”, the press release published by the Renew Europe group, lit.

The group also urges EU institutions to include the Moldovan country in their plans to achieve energy independence from Russia, including possible collective gas purchases and to increase financial and technical support to ensure resilience. of Moldova in the face of such pressure.

The vice-president of the Renew Europe group and European Parliament rapporteur on Moldova, MEP Dragos Tudorache, noted that Moldova is in a moment of historic inflection, because all the decisions taken now can risk influencing the future of this country.

“The Republic of Moldova must not become a nation sacrificed in the name of geopolitical games. Moldova has chosen the path of progress, it has chosen the path of freedom, the path of democracy, and last but not least, it has chosen the European path,” said MEP Tudorache.

The Renew Europe group earlier this month called on the EU to send a strong message to Russia by granting candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova. The group noted that it recognized Moldova’s efforts towards EU membership and that the latter should continue to support Chisinau’s efforts to deal with the consequences of the war in Ukraine.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu previously addressed the European Parliament and asked for support for her country’s intentions to join the EU, stressing that “Moldova belongs to the EU”.

During her speech, President Sandu urged European countries to support her country’s aspirations after Moldova formally applied for EU membership in March.

The country is currently facing an influx of refugees from Ukraine, as a total of half a million Ukrainians have crossed the border, while 90,000 remain in Moldova, as President Sandu pointed out.

Along with Moldova, Albania, Georgia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey are also candidates for EU membership, while Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina are potential candidates. On the other hand, despite the ongoing war, Ukraine also applied for EU membership on February 28, four days after being attacked by Russian troops.

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