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Co-owner Scott Lambert and Director of Marketing and Business Development Ashley Lambert. Photos of Allen Wallace

A new business opened in Cayce on December 1, 2018. Three years later, Steel Hands Brewing is booming and preparing to expand despite a pandemic on the way.

The brewery celebrated the anniversary on Saturday as it always does, throwing a party for the community that made it a success.

“We want people to have an experience,” Ashley Lambert, director of marketing and business development for Steel Hands, told Cola Daily in 2018, and that mission has never changed.

Saturday’s birthday party featured live music on two stages all day and all night, four new beer releases, freebies and more, all free and open to everyone.

“We wanted to create a destination for families, seniors and everyone in between, and provide an experience where they can come and listen to live music, have a great craft beer and really come together as a community. and just having a good time and having a good time, ”Ashley Lambert said on Saturday, reflecting on the journey that started as an idea of ​​co-owners Scott Lambert and Darryl Frick years before the doors opened.

Like every other business, Steel Hands faced unexpected challenges when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, but found a way to not only survive but also thrive.

“We were sort of prepared for success before we knew it,” Lambert said. “Look at all the outdoor space we have here. We were able to take advantage of it. We also have our own canning lines, so we were able to take advantage of the distribution that was working so well at the time. “

Scott Lambert said the outdoor stages also made it possible for Steel Hands to offer live music when many venues weren’t able to, and this advantage led musicians to come from Nashville to play in Cayce and find out. that they loved the place and the experience.

“They were super excited to come back here,” he said. “In fact, we have planted great roots in Nashville and we continue to attract artists from there who want to come and play here. It’s really fun.”

The next step is an additional location, which will open in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 2022. Steel Hands beers are already distributed in stores across South Carolina and Georgia, and with the new location, North Carolina will become the third state where residents can enjoy Steel Hands. .

“It’s part of the vision to build a regional brewery and that was our goal when we opened,” said Scott Lambert. “We would just like to thank the city of Cayce and Columbia and all of those who support us and the musicians.”

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