These local adventure van experts turn ordinary vehicles into comfortable campers

Throughout the initial COVID shutdowns and resulting quarantine weeks, avid travelers – known on social media as “vanlifers” – have filled Twitter, TikTok and Instagram feeds with posts sharing their adventures since. converted motorhomes. You’ve probably seen modern mobiles cross your timeline. Many of them integrate (one way or another) dining, sleeping, living room, bathroom and storage space in one vehicle.

Although the travel industry has seen a massive decline in activity throughout the pandemic overall, Business intern reports that van conversions have seen an increase in customer inquiries, likely because they have given vanlifers the ability to quarantine themselves without having to stay in one location.

Jumping on board the trend a year ago, former Brewery Sales Manager Scott Hetrick created Coastal conversions—A local adventure van company that reflects her two passions: traveling and helping others. The Hampstead-based company transforms empty vans into modern, functional motorhomes with apartment-like interiors.

“We want our customers to have the freedom and convenience from coast to coast,” says Hetrick, who runs the business with entrepreneurs, and his longtime friends Steve Clark and Sonny Patel, “ they either live in their van or use it as a weekend getaway. ”

The business model allows residents to customize their vans with a team of designers, electricians and carpenters.

“What the customer has in mind and what they dream of doing, we specialize in achieving that goal,” says Hetrick. “We like to offer our customers a full range of motion and design what they want to hit the road. ”

Recent examples include a Ford Transit makeover with butcher block counters and cedar ceilings, as well as a Mercedes Sprinter that now characteristics subway tile backsplash, stainless steel sink and quartz countertops.

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