Uyghur group hails recognition of human rights abuses in China by European Parliament

June 09, 2022 10:09 p.m. STI

Munich [Germany]June 9 (ANI): The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) applauds the adoption of a resolution in the European Parliament on Thursday by an overwhelming majority, which recognizes that the systemic human rights violations by the Chinese government against the Uyghur people of East Turkestan “amount to crimes against humanity and a serious risk of genocide”.
Calling on the European Union (EU) and its Member States to “take all necessary measures in accordance with the UN Genocide Convention to put an end to these atrocities”, the adopted resolution marks a historic call for accountability mechanisms to bring justice to the Uyghur people.
“The Xinjiang police files have clearly been a wake-up call for the European Parliament to sense the urgency of the situation and the need for effective action,” WUC Chairman Dolkun Isa said. “The EU and its Member States must now follow up on these calls and do all they can, in cooperation with governments and civil society around the world to put an end to the Uyghur genocide,” he added. , the Uyghur Congress reported in its press release.
After the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Belgium, France and Ireland, the European Parliament becomes the tenth legislative body in the world to pass a resolution recognizing the ongoing crimes against humanity and (serious risk of) genocide against the Uyghur people, confirming the findings of the independent Uyghur tribunal.

Besides acknowledging a “serious risk of” genocide, the resolution also contains other important calls, such as a call on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to immediately release her report. independent on the situation in East Turkestan, noting the European Parliament’s decision to regret that the High Commissioner “did not clearly hold the Chinese government accountable”.
The WUC also welcomed the adoption of another resolution in the European Parliament, on a new trade instrument to ban products made by forced labour. The resolution makes strong recommendations to the European Commission ahead of the latter’s proposal of an instrument to ban imports of forced labor products into the EU market, expected in September.
Given that the U.S. Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) will take effect on June 21, a strong European mechanism will be crucial to ensure uniform responses against Uyghur forced labor across jurisdictions.
The WUC expressed its sincere thanks to all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who made crucial contributions to both resolutions, as a sign of their longstanding unwavering commitment to defending and promoting human rights and freedoms. of the Uyghurs, as stated in the press release.
As a next step, the WUC urges the EU and its Member States to follow up on the calls of the European Parliament, in particular, to take all necessary measures in accordance with their obligations under the UN Genocide Convention to put end to the Uyghur genocide. (ANI)

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